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The one the only the best me there is.

I got my lion heart and electric flowing through my brain… I’m living my life as if I had powers and tonight I feel immortal  - Kid Cudi

Okay so I have no idea what I’m doing but I like you A LOT and idk what to say or do  like what if you don’t like me like I like you but I know you like me so ummm ummm idk, I think if I could let you go and do your thing I’d have done it by now so so much for my self control lol. I’m used to more up front sexual girls like that act like girls. You act differently from the girls I’ve been with maybe I was intimidated idk seems weird tho cause usually I’m more sexual and wouldn’t think twice about having sex with you despite the situation like really. You once said that I see weaknesses in people and wondered what weakness I saw in you. I don’t see any weakness although you are a crappy talker and that can sometimes frustrate me cause if you’d be up front it would make it easier for me to be too. I seriously have so much on my mind cause like I can’t even remember it all at all if that makes sense. So wish I was better at this stuff then things would be easier.

I’ve been thinking about what you said all day and one thing you asked I had and still have no answer for which stems from something else and idk how to say it but whatever. If it’s all or nothing I choose all.

Why can’t life be easier…

I don’t like you but why am I feeling like this?Gah, going insane in the membrane.

Should’ve gone for it when I had the chance… If I had a chance.

petty shit Mang

Yo the fuck, so you see me as a brother or friend is that how every nice guy is just a friend fine then when this nice guy finally dies just wait and see the jackass asshole that is born from him and ask why he’s like that. Oh well fine like I should really give a shit…